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March 2007 Dirt Bike Magazine
throttle cable routed away from the Scotts damper..."
"...the cable guide that fits to the
steering damper post comes from
Clean Speed Engineering, is
incredibly sano and keeps the
Review by Bob Theobald
"...A very simple but effective change,
and with the small indicator hole
in the CSE knobs, it is easy to make
sure that both fork clickers are equally adjusted."
"...The trick little cable guide for the throttle cable is by Clean Speed Engineering..."
Endurocross Bike Setup - Trail Rider Magazine

If you have feedback regarding one of our products please email us at jim@cleanspeedeng.com

Very sleek-looking, all shiny piece of work and to me the brake feels very different (in a positive way)! Not “spungy” anymore. Perhaps because the pedal isn’t flexing like OEM is? Absolutely satisfied with this purchase!

Al, Norway KTM1090


I appreciate the great customer service. It goes a long way in forming my opinion of who I will continue to do business with.



I had a collision with a pick up on the right side of my bike…..Great product by the way… I’ll post a pic of how well it survived….Side case is smashed and my right boot is torn from the sole on through the leather top just beside my big toe, so I know the brake lever was involved pretty big time.  Your lever may well have saved my foot from some nasty injury had I the stock unit in place instead.



Just wanted to update you that the submount cable guide works perfectly, no issues at all even with my custom riser which is farther forward than normal.

Thanks for an awesome product!!



It prompted me to send thanks for the brake lever. It arrived OK, fitted well, works & looks great.

A fine piece of manufacturing.



You’ve done it again ! Great service, great product …….4-stroke cable guide.




I received the cable guide today.  I love it…the halves mate perfectly…easy install and made in the USA.  The guide that is engineered and fabricated at CLEAN SPEED looks awesome…and like the article in “DR” said…very functional. I will recommend this to all my biker friends.  I appreciate the
technical support too.






Thanks Jim. You have great products!

Jim H.


I wanted to leave you feedback – wow – perfect solution to the problem.  Installation took about 5 minutes, and I rode for 3 hours yesterday with no issues whatsoever.  Good packaging, instructions, fasteners, and good design with respect to install – the puzzle piece cutout is genius!

Thanks again!


Just received and mounted.  Nice piece of engineering guys.



I received your product in the mail today and installed it. Looks awesome and appreciate your customer service. I’ll be telling folks on the trail about it!



Just to let you know I already have the brake lever with me in Zurich Switzerland since this morning and I am very  happy with it. 

Thanks again.